Monday, February 05, 2007

Walk in the Quantocks

We had a great day out today in the Quantocks. Sarah and I are both breaking in new walking boots so we decided to head out for a longish walk. Given the beautiful weather we headed down to the Quantocks for the day. Using a little walking guide that we picked up in the Bath Christmas market a couple of years ago we decided to head to the Western end of the hills.

Last year I headed to the Quantocks with Cass for a day mountain biking but we started and finished in the Eastern end. This time we started from a beautiful little village called Bicknoller. We headed up one of the Coombes, traversed the the ridgeline for a few kilometres and then dropped back down Bicknoller Coombe. It was so nice to be out walking again. I love being out on the bike but it is nice to head out for a long walk every now and then. We have resolved to do it more often. Next time the Brecons?


Kitchen Witch said...

The area around the Quantocks is really gorgeous, isn't it? Am I right in thinking that Dunster is somewhere around there...? Great views, and a nice garden for a quick stooge around.

Simon said...

Dunster is very close at the eastern end of Exmoor (we spent a weekend there last year...great little bistro in the village). Porlock's lovely too. There's a little road that goes up an impossibly steep hill (especially if you're on a bike)and it passes through an enchanted little valley. We were there in spring and it seemed like a hobbit may jump out at any moment.

Anyhoo...must be starting to hallucinate...and you're back in the room...