Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The lazy environmentalist and whitepods

I came across a couple of cool blogs today and was reminded of somethign I read on Ben Sunders blog. I don't remember how I came across Ben's blog but he is a fascinating guy. On his blog I saw a post about a trip that he made to Switzerland to visit the Whitepods. These pods are an eco-village set in the Swiss Alps that provide room and board in what seems like fantastic luxary. All the reports that I have read have been glowing...a trip out there must be on the list!

The reason I was reminded of the whitepods is that I saw a similar reference from a new blog that I stumbled across. The blog in question is the wonderfully named L
azy Environmentalist. The blog is a fantastic read and will certainly become one of my RSS feeds. The blog covers a fairly broad spectrum of environmental issues and recent posts are a good introduction to Carbon footprinting. the author is currently guest editing on the Ecologist blog as well. As one of those strange coincidences, the author seems to have been at the whitepods at the same time as Ben Saunders...very strange...

I downloaded a new report ‘
Energy [R]evolution: A Sustainable World Energy Outlook' from the internet that sounds like it is worth a for the trip back home...


Kitchen Witch said...

Whitepods! Whitepods...! Want one!

Oh, and hello, by the way. :)

Simon said...

I know..not sure I'll make it there this season...maybe in the summer.

I was so glad to have stumbled on your blog...I read a month or so back and was chuckling at you motivation true. A friend of mine posted a blog update specifically on procrastination ( sounds like it could be right up your street.

I'm going to have go at a vanilla loaf over the weekend by the way...nice to meet you...simon

Cass said...

Yurt pods! Cool!