Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What a finale!

This afternoon I sat down with a cup of tea and watched this TED film through. At the weekend I went to see Black Gold with Rob. I have to say that I was flabbergasted by the situation in Ethiopia and it got me thinking about developmental economics. On Sunday we were visited by a friend who has just got back from doing some voluntary work in Africa and has been inspired to do a Masters in Public Health. Judging by some of the contents of this presentation and the scenes shown in Black Gold, I think he has made the right decision.

Be warned; it starts slowly and works up to a glorious crescendo!

That terrible moment of imbalance...

I saw this video and it reminded me of that terrible feeling that I invariably get when on the mountain bike. You slow down a bit to gat the right line but fall below the critical speed at which point your front wheel sticks and twists. The twisting is just enough to shift your centre of gravity beyond a point at which you can't recover it to the safe side. There is a point at which time seems to stand still and all you can think is...can I clip out of my pedal...then your next thought is...just roll..